Bare (Short)

Directed By Kerith Lemon

Diagnosed at the age of 25, Ellie is shocked by the news. The thought of cancer had never crossed her mind; it was something you worry about when you’re “older.” With chemotherapy slated to begin the next day, she stands in front of the mirror wondering if she has the strength to face what’s next. Her mind wandering between the last time she felt beautiful, to the obsession with losing her hair, and to that first moment in the doctor’s office when she receives her diagnosis. Then, when her three childhood friends arrive at the bathroom door, Ellie is brought back to reality. With the women who know her best, she's able to bravely speak her truth, leaving her vulnerable and bare, but not broken. bare is inspired by a true story.

Starring Aurora Perrineau
Shot on location in Los Angeles on a RED Epic camera.